5 Myths About Pharmacy Careers Debunked

Innumerable rumours are floating around the career of pharmacists. Different people have different views. However, not all rumours are accurate. Debunk news is everywhere; thus, one needs to be very particular while trusting any sources.

Someone who is planning for a career in pharmacy needs to know that there are much more than what is superficially available in the words of people. This field has vast opportunities and categories that the majority of applicants aren’t even aware of. While thinking of a career in pharmacy, do get yourself enriched with its varieties and avoid all the pseudo information that might end up being a stumbling block.

While some myths are castles built in the air, others believe that they have travelled through ages. Let us decode some of these myths that give people a wrong perspective regarding the field.

5 myths about pharmacy careers debunked:

1. Myths concerning the degrees required- To become a pharmacist in Australia, one has to get a tertiary degree in pharmacy. This can be either bachelors or masters in pharmacy. Then, you are required to register at the pharmacy board of Australia and proceed with a year of paid internship under a certified pharmacist. This procedure is essential to earn a proper degree in pharmacy to practice in Australia. After you pass the Pharmacy board’s registration examination, you are qualified.

2. Pharmacists cannot advise patients- In Australia, there exists a misconception that a pharmacist is not qualified enough to advise patients on their medicine. However, the thing isn’t the same way. A pharmacist can suggest necessary medication to the patients as well as direct the dosages that are to be taken. Also, he may administer an intramuscular injection provided the patient sincerely needs it. While fetching the degrees of pharmacy, a pharmacist acquires enough knowledge to conduct basic first aids.

3. A pharmacist can only dispense medicines- People opting for careers in pharmacy are not just preparing themselves for dispensing medicines but for many other essential medical tasks. They are hired in hospitals to assist doctors with the right suggestions and check for errors in prescriptions. They conduct medication reviews and promote health awareness. They can also involve themselves in research works. Pharmacy is an elaborate field and pharmacists can make a career teaching about it.

They can specialize in areas like:
– Paediatrics
– Geriatrics
– Cardiology
– Oncology

4. Only chemistry majors make it to the profession- Along with chemistry majors, biology majors, psychology majors, biochemistry majors or majors of pharmaceutical science can apply for pharmacy schools. However, subjects like math and chemistry are highly recommended.

5. There is no categorization in the pharmacy- When we talk about pharmacists, we only consider compounding pharmacists. However, there are several more sections for a pharmacist to work in, such as staff pharmacist, mail order pharmacist, home infusion pharmacist, prior authorization pharmacist, and compounding pharmacist.

It is unfair to weigh a pharmacist less because of his lack of a degree in medicine. People contemplating a career in pharmacy should have themselves devoted to serving for the betterment of people.

Pharmacy in every locality plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the residents of the locality. A pharmacist is not a mere dispenser of medicine but a bearer of responsibilities equal to a doctor. A pharmacist helps control the spread of COVID-19 is contributing towards the betterment of the present pandemic situation.
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