5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Multivitamin

Multivitamins are the foundation of one’s health. They support our body and help in reaching the nutritional demands. There are some essential things to be noted when you look for the question “how to choose multivitamins”.

1. Choose activated forms of multivitamins: 

Two forms of multivitamins are available in the market- active form and inactive form. The active form of multivitamins is the easily absorbable ones. This is also advantageous to the body because one step that the body needs to take to process the multivitamin is bypassed. When the inactive form of a multivitamin is consumed, it hardly benefits the body because it just passes out of the body.  

2. Don’t consume certain type/forms of multivitamins: 

Best multivitamins are usually available in tablets, soft gels, gummies, chewable, etc. These are known to be poor forms of multivitamins. This is because the body does not easily absorb them, and they do not deliver the nutrients to the body. This is because layers or binders surround them, which may be like a block that hinders the absorption process. The best forms of multivitamins are effervescent form and vegetable capsule. They ensure proper absorption, ensures that the nutrients are delivered to the body, and are more convenient.

3. Say no to additives, synthetics, and fillers:  

The quality of the multivitamin being consumed matters. Sometimes there are unnecessary ingredients in the multivitamins that degrade the quality of the multivitamin. Some of the examples are sugar, gluten, starch, silica, lead, and other artificial colors, dye, or flavors. These are not utilized by the body and may have harmful effects on the body. They are mainly included to enhance the appearance and taste of the multivitamin. These are also added to increase the shelf life of multivitamins. Hence, it is always safe to buy multivitamins made from natural, whole food sources and avoid unfamiliar ingredients.  

4. Look for a broad range of nutrients that suit your need: 

Certain nutrients should be included in our diet, and one must choose a multivitamin that has a balanced amount of all vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, rare trace elements, etc. Some important nutrients to be added are calcium, magnesium, zinc, folate, vitamin B 12, vitamin E, potassium. Some of the ingredients must be used with precaution, for instance, formulas that contain both iron and calcium must be avoided, synthetic folic acid is to be avoided, etc. The bodily needs are different for various sections of the population. There are people over age 50, post-menopausal women, women of child-bearing age, etc. Hence, different proportions of nutrients are needed based on their needs.  

5. Choose products that are quality tested and approved:  

Some various bodies and organizations determine whether the supplements are pure and contain the ingredients that have been listed on the label. The product must have science-backed formulas and be tested to safeguard the product’s integrity. The user must check for symbols or seals that denote the organization. Few examples of such organizations are FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Pharmacopeial conventions, etc. 

Most of the population nowadays are lacking many of the nutrients. Thankfully, the multivitamin supplements are addressing these needs. It must be kept in mind that not just consuming multivitamins will benefit one’s body, it must be consumed along with a healthy diet and proper lifestyle. Consult a local chemist nearby before taking multivitamin supplements.

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