Hyperglycemia refers to high glucose or sugar levels in the blood. Although the body needs some amount of glucose to function properly, in many cases the blood sugar level reaches too high because the body isn’t able to produce insulin or utilize the insulin that is present in the body. The condition that arises is thus called hyperglycemia or high sugar levels.

A few of the early symptoms of hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar that might act as caution include:

  • Increased hunger pangs or thirst levels
  • Frequent micturition/urination
  • Headache
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Blurred distorted vision
  • Sugar in your urine (can be ascertained by a urine test)



  • Exercise regularly


Blood glucose is essential for your muscles as it acts like fuel. When you perform a strength training sequence, the sugar from the blood moves from the bloodstream into the muscles and it’s then burned up. Exercising regularly is an effective way to lower blood sugar levels naturally as it increases insulin sensitivity and helps you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Performing extreme and high-intensity exercises suddenly can momentarily increase blood sugar, therefore, it is advised to start at a moderate level, and then work your way up to lower blood sugar levels naturally.

  • Cut down your carbs

Cutting out your overall consumption of carbohydrates is one of the effective and natural ways to lower blood sugar. Instead of removing it completely from your diet, you can simply trade out processed carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, and candy for fibre-rich and whole-food sources such as whole grains, sweet potatoes, and fruit, which contain several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to lower blood sugar levels naturally.


  • Follow a minimally processed diet


One of the best and natural ways to lower blood sugar is to drop (most of) the boxed foodstuffs and concentrate on consuming fine-quality whole foods like vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruits, nuts, kernels/seeds, meats, and fish. It is advised to avoid processed foods as they are high in sugar content, carbs, and synthetic elements, and artificial flavourings and include high-fibre and whole foods to lower blood sugar levels naturally.

  • Eat plenty of high-quality protein

Like fibre, protein affects insulin excretion, leading to a steady rise in blood sugar after a meal and also fills you up. Consuming a protein-rich diet is significant because it improves the tone for the body to function properly. 

Consuming high-quality protein is one of the effective and natural ways to lower blood sugar. Good animal sources for a protein-rich diet include wild-caught fish, chicken, eggs, etc.

  • Consume healthy fats

Like fibre and protein, unsaturated fats have been specifically associated with enhanced insulin endurance. 

Avoiding refined fats such as trans fats, and processed vegetable oils, like corn, soybean, and safflower oils, is one of the natural ways to lower blood sugar that can be pro-inflammatory. Resources of quality fats to incorporate in your diet include nuts, olive and coconut oil, ghee, avocado, and fatty fish like salmon.


More than 35% of grownups aged 61 and above suffer from high blood sugar levels or diabetes, worldwide. This is owing to the varying lifestyle accompanied by stress, and mental and physical pressure. You can also choose to incorporate various supplements to lower blood sugar levels to control the rising sugar level.

So, if you suffer from diabetes- don’t worry, we’ve compiled a home remedy for high blood sugar levels to keep it at bay.


  • Fenugreek


Fenugreek is an essential ingredient that can be found in the kitchen and possess several health benefits. It is the best herb that contributes to an effective home remedy for high blood sugar levels as it keeps high sugar levels in check while increasing glucose tolerance, decreasing blood sugar levels, and promoting the discharge of insulin in the blood.

For this home remedy for high blood sugar levels soak 2 spoonfuls of fenugreek seeds in water overnight in a glass of water. Drink the soaked water along with the fenugreek seeds the following morning on an empty stomach. This is effective to bring down the high sugar levels.

There are also various fenugreek supplements to lower blood sugar levels in the form of capsules, powder, etc.


  • Cinnamon


Cinnamon contains a bioactive compound that helps impede and combat high blood sugar levels. Cinnamon is an important ingredient for a home remedy for high blood sugar levels as it regulates the blood sugar levels by triggering the formation of insulin.

To control your high sugar level with cinnamon, take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder/grounded cinnamon with hot water and drink once a day. You can also opt for cinnamon supplements to lower blood sugar levels.


  • Vitamin C


Including vitamin C in your diet can help you monitor pancreatitis and ultimately control high blood sugar levels. A few sources enriched with the goodness of vitamin C are amla or Indian gooseberry, lemons, oranges, etc.

Amla or Indian gooseberry s an effective home remedy for high blood sugar levels as it contains chromium that adjusts the carbohydrate levels in the body, making the body more receptive to insulin.

Amla can be consumed in the form of powder, murabba, or pickles or can be eaten raw like a fruit along with oranges or you can incorporate various supplements to lower blood sugar levels like organic lemon juice, amla juice, etc.


  • Drumsticks or Moringa


Moringa or drumsticks is an excellent home remedy for high blood sugar levels as it presents vital health advantages that help regulate high blood sugar levels. Moringa is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Chop a few chunks of moringa sticks and submerge them into a jug full of water and keep sipping this drink throughout the day.



Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar level is a widespread impediment of diabetes that affects people from every age group but proper medication, workout, and exercise, consuming a balanced diet, and working thoroughly with your doctor can help you keep your blood sugar level from soaring too in the long run. 

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