Calls for an Improved Healthcare System – Migrant Women

It is no surprise that in our times, many migrant women can, and have been, faced with extra sets of challenges when seeking access to numerous health services. It must be noted that shifts in migration patterns have ultimately changed the requirements of the health care system.

It is well known that multicultural organisations are looking to empower them to access sufficient healthcare and put themselves first.

The focal points are not solely based on the financial aspects, but the access to resources available and best practices for funding. The primary barrier to accessing care has been identified as Language, as a third of women that reside in New South Wales do not speak English within their homes.

Michael Camit from the New South Wales Multicultural Health Communication Service said he believes the issue is “not just about money, it’s how we use resources and funding”. Many advocates are stating that women are not able to preserve their health without knowing their basic rights.

According to the organisation Asian Women at Work, the government should crack down on workplace exploitation to protect women’s physical and mental health.

“A lot of [migrants] arrive and they need to put food on the table, so they end up in jobs that have low pay and poor working conditions,” representative Lina Cabaero Ponnambalam said.

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