Ear Piercing: History & Evolution

Ear piercing is of those painful pleasures that every individual goes through, depending on their willingness. Both men and women have been a part of the ear-piercing trends followed through time immemorial.

Ear piercing with a needle is done for both cosmetic and ritualistic purposes. One might be intrigued to know the origin of ear-piercing trends and how they have evolved. What are the reasons for different cultures to engage in the ear-piercing trend? What historical relevance does this practice hold?

Answers to these questions and many more shall be revealed in this blog, where we learn the evolution of ear piercing and ear piercing history.

What is meant by ear piercing? Ear piercing meaning

Any individual can attain ear piercing services on their pure willingness and wish. However, before we get into the present trends of the latest ear-piercing practices, let’s first understand this term in the first place.

The term “ear piercing” refers to piercings made on the earlobe portion of the ear. This is a very soft and outermost skin of the ear that does not have bones. In total, it is believed that there are 13 different types of ear piercings that one can get.

Every ear can accommodate multiple ear piercings, which means a human can get a potential of 30+ ear piercings. People around the world and especially in Liverpool, Australia have the most attractive ear-piercing styles. Ear piercing Liverpool is carried out as both, a cosmetic addition and a religious ritual.

The most prominent and renowned ear-piercing locations in Liverpool include; Crosby, Calderstones, Aigburth, Widnes and Toxteth.

History of ear piercing – Origin of ear piercing:

Ear piercing for babies in many countries is a ritualistic decision when a baby turns at least 5 years old although personal care is of the utmost importance. Earlobes are one of the less painful areas to get pierced; hence they are the first body parts exposed to piercing.

The practice of ear piercing for kids dates back at least 5000 years – all credits to Otzi the iceman’s mummy. Otzi the iceman’s mummy, is an ancient mummy, who died in the alps and is adorned with tattoos and ear piercings.

A special ear-piercing needle is used for initiating these piercings. As a fact, in the late 1500s, the English renaissance outspread an ear-piercing fashion trend that grew immensely popular among gentlemen. The most respected and notable men of those times who followed the ear-piercing trend included William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, and drake Francis. 

Although ear piercing for boys and girls was considered an effeminate practice for many years, it is widely accepted today irrespective of gender.

Conclusion – latest ear piercing:

Luxury ear piercing for girls and boys is the new trend of the town! The whole process upshots a person’s personality, in terms of how they look and radiate. Ear piercing, though is a large part of beautification today, it holds a significant historical beginning. The ear-piercing process and its gender biases have evolved, making it a unisex vogue. One must always visit a chemist ear piercing for safe and hygienic piercing for girls, babies and men.

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