What Is a Fertility Clinic? How to Choose the Right One

Women who are having a hard time conceiving need to visit a fertility clinic. The gynecologist tests the women through various prescribed methods and tests to determine the reason behind not getting pregnant. There are fertility specialists who can help you get a diagnosis if there is a problem and find solutions. You need to pick a clinic that provides you broad treatment options so that your conceiving success is higher.

Tips to choose the right fertility clinic

You will have to do thorough research before finalizing the fertility clinic that you would want to take fertility treatments. The reason for scrutinizing every aspect is due to

  • The cost can run into thousands of pounds
  • Patients have to take strong drugs and hormone treatment, therefore, if done improperly, it can lead to a lifelong impact on the health of the person.
  • Find an infertility specialist who understands you and counsels you throughout this emotional rollercoaster. 
  • Check out the fertility clinic database, which will help you pick the right one as the success rates get mentioned in the columns. There are frequent updates, so you can confirm them before approaching one. You can check out the total number of cycles to the total rates of live births. You can also look into the specific percentages.
  • Check out the age limits in the specified clinics you choose to do the fertility, and whether they match your expectation, like have an embryology and andrology lab.
  • The testing centre should have pre-genetic testing also preimplantation genetic screening so that you don’t pass on any genetic mutations that can lead to serious medical conditions in the child. 
  • They need to ensure that the highest standards and quality control get followed because any error can change your lives.

Knowing about the doctors

You need to check if the reproductive endocrine specialists are board-certified and the clinic is a registered one. These fertility specialists would need more than a decade of training before they get to be board certified for conducting special procedures such as fertility treatments.

Treatments and practices

Check out the procedures that get done there and the various options available, including the latest technology adopted according to SART (Society for Reproductive Technology). You need to know whether the clinic holds a Centre of Excellence. 

You could check out the timed intercourse, intrauterine insemination, surrogacy, and cryopreservation options.

Financing options

See if the clinic provides every detail, including insurance and affordability options, whether they allow grants, loans, and other financing options.

Patient-doctor transparency

How much are you involved in the decision-making? Mainly how many eggs would get used to fertilize outside the body? And how many get used to being put back inside? The doctor should be transparent and give the patient a chance to voice their opinions and concerns. If a certain number gets chosen, they should justify why and convince the patient accordingly.

When you go for specified treatments at fertility clinics, find out well about all the treatment options, and you have the right to refuse to pick the right fertility clinic, you find suitable to you. 

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