Here’s Why Blood Glucose Testing Is A Must In The Treatment Of Diabetes

Maintaining blood sugar levels is of primal importance for diabetics, which means there has to be regular testing to ascertain whether the readings are within permissible limits. The testing frequency depends on the type of diabetes and the treatment plan scheduled for that particular patient. Controlling blood sugar levels is the key to leading a healthy life with diabetes, and it also helps avoid diabetic-related complications. Getting an A1C test will enable a diabetic person to know how you have managed your diabetes.

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A reasonable blood sugar range is calculated, which may be based on several factors, such as:

  • The diabetes type and severity of diabetes in the patient
  • The age of the diabetic patient
  • The period of being diabetic
  • Whether the patient is pregnant
  • If the patients are showing diabetic complications
  • The patient’s overall health is noted and whether other health conditions are present, such as blood pressure, kidney issues, heart conditions, etc.

For type-I diabetes, the testing is scheduled throughout the day, and for type-II, the testing is dependent on how well you manage your diabetes.


For type-I diabetes

The people with type-I diabetes have to monitor the blood sugar levels throughout the day before any meals or snacks, before commencing exercise, even before hitting the bed. There are chances that the person may have to check blood sugar levels at night because they may dip. Suppose the person gets sick, then checking even more often. Breaking the daily routine will need more checking, and if you are put on a new medication.


For type-II diabetes

The type-II diabetic person may have to check on the sugar levels depending on the amount of insulin intake. The testing is usually done before meals and before going to bed for those who take multiple insulin injections a day. Otherwise, the blood sugar level testing is done as recommended by the doctor. If the person can control his/her sugar levels with diet and exercise regime, there will be no necessity for checking blood sugar levels at regular intervals. 


How is blood sugar testing done?

There are two kinds of tests done, and you can get free blood glucose testing in Liverpool.

  • Fast blood sugar (FBS) test- it helps ascertain the blood sugar level over 90 days. It will help to show whether your diabetes is controlled. It is done by drawing blood and taking samples.
  • The other method is by a finger prick to monitor daily your blood sugar levels.

The target ranges enable the doctor to work out a treatment plan for you, including meals and after meals. The sugar level in the blood will determine whether high blood sugar levels or you suffer from low blood sugar levels.

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