Self Medication For Common Ailments: Dos And Don’ts

Self Medication is one of the most common treatments that people do for various common ailments. People perform various treatments by themselves to get rid of their problem quite quickly by sitting at their home itself. However, some things are not beneficial in these ailments. Hence, you must be aware of the type of medication you’re consuming for any disease. Also, read about the common medicine and food combination to avoid.

Let’s take you on the ride, which will tell you about the things that can help you more during common diseases and the ones that can be harmful to you.

What is Self Medication?

Self-medication is a process in which an individual uses medicines or normal substances that may help them to cure themselves physically and internally during common ailments. These medications are used during typical diseases like mild cold, fever, cough, etc.

People use typically common treatments to treat these ailments: paracetamol, crocin, etc., home treatments with turmeric milk, kadha, warm water, etc. An individual treats himself typically from these things to quickly get rid of these common ailments by sitting at home itself.

People do various other measures to treat themself. So, let’s know what good things should be done to treat yourself from mild diseases at home.

Self Medication For Common Ailments: Dos And Don’ts

Self-medication is good, but there are some things that you must take care of to keep yourself healthy and safe—presenting you some things that you can do to treat yourself and some things that can sound harmful to you.

Things That You Can Do

  1. You can treat yourself with medicines that the doctor prescribes at home itself. It will be found beneficial for you as a professionalist already approves it.
  2. Perform yoga exercises daily for better treatment. Yoga helps you in curing quite efficiently and healthy. So, perform yoga daily not to meet the condition to treat yourself.
  3. Always wear a mask when you are ill. It will prevent spreading the diseases to others present at your home.
  4. Make sure that you drink warm water with some drops of honey for better treatment. It will quickly cure you and will make your internal self relatively healthy.
  5. Always take some treatment when you are ill. It’s necessary so that viruses do not affect your internal organs.

So, these are some things that you must do while treating yourself.

Things That You Must Avoid

  1. Avoid taking medicines yourself as it can be dangerous for self-medicating. Always take the doctor’s advice before having a self-treatment.
  2. Never take an antibiotic with milk during self-medicating. It can be harmful to your health.
  3. Never drop your course in between if you take medicines yourself.
  4. Always make sure that you do not overtake the dose of anything; for example, do not have turmeric milk at a particular time. It can affect negatively.
  5. Avoid treating yourself differently. Make sure you do a similar treatment every day.

So, these are some things that you must avoid while treating yourself.


Choosing the right medicine is as important as choosing the right pharmacy. If you live in Australi, then Discount Chemist is the best option for buying your medication online in Liverpool, all in one place. Self-medication is good, but having proper treatment with the doctor’s advice will sound relatively better. However, if you prefer self-medication, you must make sure that these medicines are not causing any harm to your health.

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