Blood Pressure Medicines: Know When To Take Them During The Day

What is high blood pressure:

Blood pressure is blood struggling against the walls of your arteries as it moves through your body. It is regular for your blood pressure to go up and down during the day. But, if it is high when you are sleeping, you have high blood pressure.

Patients with high blood pressure should always take their medication seriously and at the proper time. The time when you take medication also affects the complication of blood pressure. It is advisable to take medicines at the right time to minimize the risk for complications such as heart attack and stroke. It is proved that the condition of your body not only depends on genetics but also depends on the time you take your medicines. 


When To Take high blood pressure medicines:

Studies show that the body’s blood pressure drops as we are asleep, usually reaching the lowest between midnight and 3-4 am, and then it rises as we wake up, due to cortisol releasing from adrenal glands. The people whose blood pressure does not drop during sleep are at higher risk for heart attack and stroke. By taking one or more of the prescribed medicine before bedtime, normalizes the patient’s blood pressure rhythm and thereby decreases the risk of complications. 

It is advised by the experts that to lower your blood pressure at night time, you must take the blood pressure medicine at bedtime, and to prevent the elevation of blood pressure, you must take it early morning so that the blood pressure does not rise as you wake up. 


How to lower your blood pressure:

While blood pressure highly depends on genetics, the person’s lifestyle choices also have a significant impact. The person should not smoke and reduce their alcohol consumption to control their blood pressure. It is best to lose weight and exercise more. The patient must not stress a lot and try to do yoga, meditation, or Tai chi to relax. Local compounding pharmacies help you follow your medication regularly with punctuality.


Consult a doctor:

There are no guidelines regarding the time to take medicine, but you must consult with a doctor and ask him about the proper time for you to take medication – nighttime or early morning. 

According to the doctors, the proper timing to take the blood pressure medicine also depends on the patient. Many factors affect the time that includes labile blood pressure or if the patient takes other medications at the same time. Hence, it is compulsory to follow a routine. There are multiple blood pressure testing services to help you track your health. A study shows that the patients who are more compliant with their schedule, taking the medication regularly and not forgetting it are at low risk than the patients who do not follow a proper routine. 



It is just a general recommendation to help you assist with when to take your medications if you have high blood pressure. It is also highly advisable to consult a doctor and discuss your symptoms, to know more details about your body, and take the medicines only if you have the proper prescription.

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