Uncommon Ingredients Used in Medication

Humans have one rare quality that most other organisms do not have. And that is to use and apply logic in everyday situations. Humans are making use of their reasoning to know everything. And the reason has led us to become curious creatures. 

In the present world, there is ample information available for everything. Humans are aware of their surroundings now more than ever. We know what we eat, what we consume, what nutrients our food contains & what exercises are good for our wellbeing.

But, for a fact, we do not know one thing. The medicines we consume for different reasons contain some very unusual ingredients. Yes, you heard it right. Apart from the medicinal compounds, our medication also has some bizarre ingredients.

These uncommon ingredients also have some medicinal value. But these compounds are unimaginable to consume as part of medication. But no, it is not illegal to use these compounds. Medication management approves the use of these ingredients. After years of research, these ingredients have shown quite impressive results.

The local compounding pharmacy also uses such ingredients to make custom medication to fit a patient’s needs. These compounds are available with every pharmacy. In some medicines, these ingredients play an exceptionally vital role.

Want to know some uncommon ingredients?


Here Are Some Uncommon Ingredients Used in Medication

  1. Gold: Yes, some of our medications contain small amounts of gold in it. Gold has antibacterial properties in it. It helps the body to fight any type of infection in your body. It also has healing properties. You will often see a dentist replacing your cavity tooth with a gold cap.
  2. Fish: Fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Oil of the fish is often used in making cod liver pills. It is also present in almost every omega supplement—these help in reducing heart diseases.
  3. Pancreas of Pig: Despite showing the green vegetarian mark in medicines, animals are still used. The pancreas of the pig is often used for making medicines for treating many conditions. Cystic fibrosis & pancreatitis are some common medical conditions in which these are present. These are present in small amounts & help in reducing the cysts.
  4. The saliva of Gila monster: This may sound slightly misleading for everyone. Exenatide is one of the active ingredients which is found on both of the organisms. The saliva of the Gila monster, a poisonous lizard native to the southwestern United States, is used to control the blood sugar levels accordingly.
  5. Combs of Chicken: The comb refers to the upper tail of their head. It is mainly used in some medications to act as a shock absorber. It also helps in absorbing any type of joint pain. It again proves instrumental in research of any joint disorders.



It is bizarre even to think that medication management approves their use. But, as long as these ingredients provide value to medicines, they are alright. The next time you take a medication, better research what is in it. 


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