How Poor Quality Medicines Pose A Danger To Patients

The issue with low-quality medicines is becoming a global problem and targets the lives of humans and patients in need. Medications, the very source of supporting life during any ailment, due to poor standardised manufacturing affect the needy in a falsified way. Such medicines are dangerous to patients who administer them and can become a failure or development of drug resistance.

Poor-quality medicines have impacts that are devasting in developing countries and also affect their economies. These could be countries that lack resources to monitor and combat the situation. To satisfy this need, experts of the US pharmacopeial convention describes how promoting the Quality Of Medicines program (QPM) created the Medicines Quality Database in Bangkok (MQDB) in a special conference.

What Is Meant By The Quality Of Drugs, And How Are They Affected?

Quality of medicines are defined in various factors; however, most of them aim to confirm whether the medication is adequately manufactured according to the quantities of specific drugs and are also under proper conditions. A free, publicly available online database set up in 2011 contains medicines, which are quality tested from 17 countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

These drugs are analysed after randomly procuring them from public, private, and informal sectors and accredited after analysis. The protocols of accrediting these medicines to the recognised standard quality are done through strict rules and procedures. Medicines are collected, sampled, and then analysed, after which the data are standardised. These data are compared with other countries.

The data collected allows national medicines regulatory authorities to monitor the quality of drugs circulating in their markets and take action when needed. The database contains more than 13,000 records of medicines in the collection, and MRAs use the information in various investigations led by INTERPOL and the World Health Organisation.

Regulations And Actions To Control The Quality Of Meds:

The data collected is efficient in tracking and arresting anti-social elements spreading poor quality drugs. This helps curbing and prevention of fake drugs along with negating the possible side effect of the medicine. Investigations also help shut down illegal medicines outlets and raise awareness among both the public and local pharmacists of the dangers of sub standardised and counterfeit drugs.

Most agencies who work with such recognised organisations subsidise controlling the quality of medicines and initiate awareness to educate people on ”What is fake drugs” and identify them. The goal is to protect consumers from any possible effects of consuming poor-quality pills that later can become fatal.


It is difficult to precisely point out where the seeds of poor-quality medicines are matured. Therefore, they should be well aware of all the points when it comes to procuring drugs. Always ask for personalised care by a pharmacist and buy medicines from trusted places, and whose medication management you can swear by.

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