10 Reasons Not To Use Someone Else’s Prescription Medicine

Many people believe that buying medicines using other patient’s prescriptions is an easier and effortless solution. However, the repercussions of using someone else’s prescription is something that people do not realize early.  Prescription medication is important and mandatory when getting professional medicines. When you try to buy medicines from someone else’s prescription, you invite trouble and overstep the margins of safe medication. In this article, an attempt has been made to list out 10 concrete reasons why buying medicines on other prescriptions are not safe.

10 reasons why not to use someone else’s prescription medicines:

  1. First and foremost, many people question, is it illegal to take someone else’s prescription medication? To answer the question, yes, it is completely illegal and hence this is the prime reason why this should be avoided at every cost.
  2. The best way to take the right pills? Consult your doctor! Getting someone else’s prescription and getting medicines is very easy, but this does not guarantee the surety of whether the right pills will be administered or not.
  3. Consulting the doctor is the best way to ensure that you get nothing less than safe pills.
  4. Many people get medicines on the prescriptions of others. However, this increases their risk of getting exposed to medication side effects, which they might not know to counter.
  5. Medicine’s side effects can be cruel, especially when you take them on some else’s name. This way, it would become difficult for you even to understand which medicines caused the problem, and it was prescribed for which problem.
  6. Abuse-prescription drugs is the term coined when people deliberately commit the crime of getting medicines in someone else’s name and administering them. Abusive prescription drugs expose them to a lot of problems. This is dangerous in the long term and also fatal in certain instances.
  7. If you have someone else’s prescription medication and you get caught then, you can be punished for an illegal offence. One will have to repent later; however, it might be too late up until then. Therefore it is not safe to stake one’s health on the basis of someone else’s prescription.
  8. Not many people realize what happens when you don’t take medication as prescribed. Here is an insight on the same. One who gets medicines on someone else’s prescription might not really understand what the drugs intended uses are or what type or atypical effects might arouse.
  9. There might be similarities in the names of many medicines, which is why you would want to take them in someone else’s name; still, it could be a completely different drug than what you think it is.
  10. If you are thinking of buying medicines in someone else’s name because you want to build an emergency supply of medication, then you are completely wrong in the attempts. Thinking of emergency supply while staking your and your family’s health through illegal medicines is no option to ensure protection.


One needs to understand the ingredients used in medicines before getting any of them. However, not everyone does it every time. Being informed is the first step towards making informed decisions. Therefore, it is essential to get medicines legally and never commit the mistake of getting them on someone else’s prescription.

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