Why Storing Prescriptions Digitally Is Safe And Convenient To Use

Prescription error is a common problem worldwide. Every year thousands of people die due to wrong prescription interpretation followed by wrong medication. In the USA itself, 40,000 people die each year due to medical errors. 


Technology plays an essential role in mitigating human error in the medical field. Digitization of prescriptions is a significant change that has immensely helped society. Today local compounding pharmacies mostly store prescriptions digitally in a safe and convenient environment.


Today, more countries are adopting digital sorting for medical records to serve people better while structuring their storage process. With the increase of medical records, digitization also helps in proper space utilization and allowing pharmacies to have room for expansion.


Here is why sorting prescriptions digitally is safe and convenient to use.


  • It avoids human error – The most important factor is that it diminishes human error. While a prescription is stored digitally, there is no chance of human error where a pharmacist can confuse between two prescriptions. The digital prescriptions are arranged in a manner that helps the pharmacists understand with proper numbering and coding. Thus it saves thousands of lives. 


  • Increase productivity – Decoding a prescription is a big task. Pharmacists have faced this problem for a long time. With the help of digitization, this problem will no longer exist. Hence, it will reduce the pharmacist’s time and effort to understand and collect the medicine for a prescription. It also increases the overall productivity of the pharmacy.


  • Proper use of space – Storing prescriptions physically can occupy a lot of space. For a pharmacy in Liverpool, it is a challenge to deal with increasing physical documents at their store. Digitization allows pharmacies to de-clutter and has enough room for medical stock.


  • Quick reference for missing physical prescription – There are many instances when patients forget to bring their prescription or the physical prescription gets damaged. In such a situation, pharmacists can still provide medicine if a digital copy of the prescription is available. So in case of physical damage or loss of prescription, patients can still get their medication from their nearest local compounding pharmacy


  • Time-saving – Digitization of prescriptions is a time-saving method for both the pharmacy as well as the patient. The patient doesn’t have to produce the prescription physically every time they opt to purchase the medicine. Instead, the pharmacist can refer to his digital copy and easily process the order. 


  • Billing integration- Along with eliminating human error, digitization of prescriptions also allows eliminating and speed up the billing process. It will enable sorting each prescription with a code that represents a particular patient while billing. 


A local compounding pharmacy in Liverpool such as the Discount Chemist Liverpool is gearing up with technological advancement. They are using the process of sorting prescriptions digitally to improve customer experience. It also helps them to increase their productivity, and they can help more people eventually. It also allows no loss or tampers to the prescriptions stored digitally, which was a challenge for pharmacies. 

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