How Blood Pressure And Sugar Are Directly Related To Stress And Mental Tension

Stress and mental tension are two terms that are used quite often these days. With the busy running lives today, believe it or not, along with physical health, an individual’s mental health takes a huge hit. The mental pressure of outdoing everyone and going out of the box drives people towards mental tension and chronic anxiety. Unfortunately, people are still not ready to accept mental health and consider mental stress a sham. The truth is that it very much exists and plays a crucial role in helping an individual maintain a healthy body. 

What happens to your body when you get stressed?

Believe it or not, stress hormones play a significant role in your life. Whenever you experience any physical or emotional stress, your body releases hormones, like Cortisol and Adrenaline, responsible for increasing your blood sugar. This is a natural response if you are stuck in a difficult situation, for example- being chased by someone. On the other hand, if they are released when you are stressed without any significant physical threat, it can negatively affect high blood pressure and rise in blood sugar level.


Simply put- mental tension is directly related to your blood pressure and sugar level. The problem is, over time, this can aggregate into severe issues like heart diseases.


This is why you must deal with your anxiety and depression, too while battling with high blood pressure and high sugar level in blood. 

Look after yourself while combating stress.

When we are sad or stressed, it is natural for any human being to put his/her mental well being on the back seat. People usually avoid giving much heed to their mental health, during stressful times the same goes straight out of the window with no second thoughts! This is why it is essential to look after yourself while dealing with mental tension to avoid more problems.


During a period of stress, many people like to indulge in “comfort food”. More often, chocolates and fast food are a source of comfort food for many. While comfort food can help release stress a little, it can worsen your blood sugar level and blood pressure. In such a situation, you must power through the gloomy feeling and try exercising and maintaining a healthy diet to combat anxiety and mental tension and prevent high blood pressure and blood sugar level. 


One of the best ways to avoid these problems is that it is always crucial to keep a tab on your stress and blood sugar. It is highly recommended that you include a fasting blood sugar test at every yearly physical you have. This way if your blood sugar starts to creep upwards, it is easier for you to be proactive and initiate measures to help your condition. Book an appointment with Save & Deliver Compounding Pharmacy and get ahead of your problem today!

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