Healthy Home Remedies To Balance Your Blood Glucose While Travelling

What is Blood Glucose?

The term blood glucose level, blood sugar level, or even blood sugar concentration indicate the concentration of glucose present in the body of a human being or an animal. Here, glucose is a simple sugar present in our blood. A 70-kilogram human body has approximately 4g of glucose, present at all times. It is an integral part of blood and plays a vital role in ensuring our body’s smooth functioning. To check your body’s blood glucose level, you can take part in a blood glucose testing. 

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What happens to your blood glucose level while travelling?

While travelling your glucose level can take a massive hit because, unlike staying in the comforts of your home, on the road, you don’t get the necessary amenities to control your blood glucose level. It is possible to not come across any eateries on the way- this can result in lowering your blood glucose level, or you may hog up conventional junk food that will flare up your blood glucose to a dangerous level. 

Since your blood glucose level plays a crucial role in ensuring a healthy body, you must take care of it even while travelling! 

Here are a few healthy home remedies that can help you balance your blood glucose level while travelling:


  • Manage your Carb intake


One of the first steps in managing your blood glucose level while travelling is keeping a strict check on your carb intake. While on the road, it is easier to get hold of food that is generally high on carbs, but when you eat too many carbs or have insulin fluctuation problems, the process of breaking carbs into sugar fails. Your blood glucose level ends uprising to an alarming rate. 



  • Increase your fibre intake


After you put a restriction on your carb intake, the question stands- “what should you eat then?”. The answer to that is- food high in fibre! Fibre slows down your carbs digestion and sugar absorption, and in turn, it promotes a more gradual rise in your blood sugar levels, which does not negatively affect the body. While travelling, you should carry food items like fruits, oats, legumes, and whole grains rich in fibre.



  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated


While travelling, you must keep your water intake high. This way, you don’t just help maintain your body’s glucose level, but it also keeps you active and prevents that sluggish feeling overtaking you.



  • Manage your stress level


Like any other day, if you don’t keep a tab on your stress level, it will end up flaring your blood glucose level. Try and stay calm by listening to your favourite music or reading a book while travelling.


It is always better to take precautions beforehand to avoid any future mishaps. Include the above healthy travelling habits and avoid a flared up glucose level!

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