Frequently Asked Questions For Pharmacists

Pharmacists are working extra hard during the pandemic. They had to get the medication to people and double up as delivery personnel to provide basic supplies to the aged. They also have to follow the COVID 19 protocols to ensure the safety of their staff and customers.

Amid the pandemic, they had to continually try to serve the people who had developed a paranoia about coronavirus infection. Several queries are bombarded to the pharmacists every day, hoping they have a solution at hand. If you question how pharmacists are helping during the pandemic, they are handling enormous queries and saving lives with unending service to society.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many times pharmacists find themselves answerable to patients.  As pharmacists play a front line worker role, they are often exposed to several queries by the public. Here are a few examples of frequently asked questions to the pharmacists. 


Q- How can we prevent COVID?

Pharmacists work hand in hand with health workers to pertain right and useful information to the public. As they deliver essential drugs and vaccinations to people, a local pharmacist’s role is the key to lead healthier lives and hence can answer such questions with ease.


Q- How many medicines refill should we buy during COVID?

Buy according to your requirement. The pharmacists try to get the refills done within 24 hours to ensure that your medication regime doesn’t go haywire. Their job is to send your medicines to your address at the right time.


Q- Do I need to produce the latest prescription while ordering refills?

The pharmacists have to check on existing prescriptions and the number of refills required to reach the patients if there is an insurance issue or otherwise. The number of days to get the supply may be looked after by your pharmacist.


Q- When and how should I take my medicine?

Sometimes the patients have queries regarding medication that need ‘taking with food’ or having the medication on an empty stomach and many more such doubts. The pharmacist should explain the dosage correctly to help it work in the necessitated manner as prescribed.


Q-Do I need to provide my insurance details to my pharmacist?

The pharmacists need to know the medical plan when you provide insurance for the medications from the pharmacy. They need to see whether it is a third party insurer or inpatient plan covering the associated costs as per the medicare regulations.


Q- Can I get my medicines and other essentials home delivered? 

 Pharmacists had to even work as delivery suppliers for people stuck at home during the pandemic. They would not be required to visit the pharmacy or stores to buy toilet rolls, bathing soaps, sanitary napkins, and other necessities. This is how the pharmacists are helping during the pandemic as well. 


Pharmacists at each locality are serving their community to keep the pandemic fright away. They are also helping people to maintain good health with proper medication and advice during these testing times.

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