Factors That Can Affect Blood Pressure Reading

Checking Blood Pressure- How to Monitor Blood Pressure

Variations in blood pressure levels at a regular interval can call for concern. People who already have health issues need to get regular blood pressure testing done to know if there is a significant imbalance that needs to be taken care of. With ageing, the fluctuation in blood pressure levels is common. But regular monitoring and proper medication can keep things under control.

 However, at times, the blood pressure level may fluctuate without any significant health issue, but due to various circumstances. Here are a few factors that commonly aid in fluctuating blood pressure level:


  • How blood pressure is measured:- If the pressure cuffs happen to be smaller than the patient’s arm size, the readings chances showing wrong results happen to be higher. The doctor has to be aware of the average patient’s arm size before using the equipment on the patient. If the cuff’s size is smaller, you will find changes in the systolic blood pressure measurement, increasing from 10 to 40mmHg. The range indicators on the cuff are important for preventing measurement errors.
  • Can you measure blood pressure over clothing:- Avoid using blood pressure testing when done on top of clothing. If the blood pressure cuff gets placed on the patient’s clothing, there are bound to be errors in the reading. The variation in systolic blood pressure is from 10 to 50 mmHg. Directly placing the cuff on the bare arm will give you the right reading.
  • How to lower heart rate immediately:- Providing a resting time to the patient for 3 to 5 minutes will enable the patient to give you a stable reading. If you take the reading as soon as the patient arrives will cause a fluctuation in the systolic blood pressure reading from 10 to 20mmHg.
  • Emotional cause of high blood pressure:- The emotional state of the person also plays an essential role in the readings to vary. If the patient is suffering from stress or anxiety, there are chances to increase blood pressure readings.
  • Effect of posture on blood pressure:- The person has to be seated comfortably before commencing the blood pressure reading. If the back isn’t supported correctly, you will find a difference in the reading up to 6mmHg. If you cross your legs and position the upper arm below the heart level, all have a significant impact on the readings. The errors will either show an increase or decrease in blood pressure resulting in errors.

Other factors that impact blood pressure readings are smoking, consuming alcohol or caffeinated drinks, or the room wherein the reading gets done is cold or hot can impact the blood pressure. Even if the patient comes in with a full bladder, there is an increase in blood pressure.

For those who already have high blood pressure issues, medication has to be taken at prescribed timings to always ensure that proper readings are taken to prescribe the right medicine to the patient.

Today most cardiac arrests are associated with high blood pressure. The major significance is unhealthy lifestyle and food. To help the people of Liverpool, Save & Deliver Compounding Pharmacy is a pharmacy with free blood pressure testing. They also prescribe the required medicine to the patients after a checkup.

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