Tips on Medication Management For The Elderly

One of the most difficult responsibilities for ageing persons and their caretakers is managing medicines. It’s a complicated procedure, and medications and dosages frequently vary. It’s vital for seniors to take only the prescriptions given, exactly as prescribed and to have assurance from their doctor and pharmacy that there won’t be any potentially lethal drug interactions or consequences. Medication management is extremely crucial for people who have a variety of health problems. The practice of consuming many medications is common especially among older persons due to the frequency of multiple medical conditions.

 It’s critical to take medicine carefully in order to treat and manage your older adult’s medical issues and complaints. Seniors can avoid frequent medication errors including choosing the incorrect medicine, skipping doses, or using more than prescribed by having in place a simple strategy and taking good care of the fundamentals. 

Give a look at these tips for medication management below to avoid potential medication problems-

  • Place all the medications at one location

Organize all of the drugs, vitamins, over-the-counter medicines, and supplements in one place for elderly medication management.

It’s possible to lose sight of the prescribed drugs, pills, over-the-counter medication, or supplements you’re taking if they’re all kept in separate places.

Some seniors, for example, may keep certain pills in the dining room, others on their nightstand, and still others in the restroom medicine cupboard.

Keeping everything in one place is a wonderful habit to develop. You’ll be able to monitor exactly what’s being consumed, ensure that comparable prescriptions aren’t being written for the same health problem, and recognize when to discard expired meds.

  • Storing it in the right place

In general, medications should be stored in a cold, dry environment. That means storing medications in the bathroom cupboard isn’t a good idea because moisture and heat might harm them. Medicines must also be kept out of reach of youngsters and pets.

One Important thing to keep in mind is to follow the doctor’s or pharmacist’s directions for medicine that needs special storage, such as refrigeration.

  • Up-to-date medication list

It’s critical to learn what drugs your elderly relative is taking in order to avoid dangerous medication combinations. That’s why it’s critical to keep track of their medication, vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medications at all times.

Keep the following information in mind:

  • Names of all prescribed, over-the-counter, vitamin, and supplementary medications
  • How frequently each drug is used? 
  • What is the dose of each medicine?
  • Each pharmaceutical medication’s prescribing physician
  • The medicine’s function and/or the problems it’s designed to address
  • Whether each drug will be used for a short or extended period of time
  • Pre-sorting medications

For seniors, staying organised is critical to effective medication management. You can assist your older adult in pre-sorting their prescriptions for the week by using a pill organiser.

The finest pill organiser for your senior citizen is one with sufficient sections to hold all of their medications throughout the day.

For example, one that contains 28 compartments in total, with four doses per day for seven days.

If any tablets need to be divided, do so ahead of schedule and store the parts in the pill organiser sections. Your elder won’t have to struggle with a pill knife or recall to divide tablets before swallowing them in this manner.

  •  Set up a system for tracking and reminding you to take your medications

With so many prescriptions, it can be difficult for elders and caregivers to keep track of when each dose should be taken.

A medicine reminder system and monitoring log can ensure that your elderly loved one takes the right medications at the right times. There are various ways to set recalls for when it’s time to have pills, such as setting alarms on a clock or cell phone or creating routines, such as taking meds after mealtime. They can recall when to consume which pills if they stick to a regimen.

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  • Check for unfavourable drug interactions twice

Many elderly people take a variety of drugs, vitamins, over-the-counter treatments, and supplements. That’s why it’s crucial to check twice that neither of them will result in an unfavourable drug reaction.

If any conflicts are discovered, contact your doctor or pharmacist right away for guidance (don’t make any adjustments yourself).

  • Make sure the pharmaceutical directions are easy to understand

It’s critical to respect the doctor’s directions when taking medications. This reduces the chances of harmful drug reactions, adverse effects, or the drug’s efficiency is reduced.

Make absolutely sure that you and your elder know which drugs can be taken at the same moment and which should be taken at different times to avoid adverse side effects. Some pills, for example, must be taken with food while others must be taken on an empty belly.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the physician for clarification and precise advice. It’s their duty to ensure that the prescriptions boost health, which can only occur if they’re taken properly.

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