What is the Difference between the Websterpak and the Regular Pill Pack you shop?

Well, as it is all about accuracy and time, then Websterpack wins the race then!  Yes, the regular container you use for your medicines’ routine intake is cheaper, but did you think of its pitfalls before? If not, let us highlight some then for your judgment of the difference between the Websterpak and the regular pill packs.

Do you take your pills or give it to others correctly?

If you have only 1 or 2 tablets a day that you take regularly, then the portable medicine regular pack is adequate, but for those who manage medicines intake is a challenge; Websterpak is their only solution, especially if they take several different types in different timings during the day.  For individuals and carers, Websterpak that pharmacies prepare, and label are the ideal way to take pills correctly.  Simply because if you take the pills or as a carer you give the patient the medication at the wrong time this could stop them working properly or even cause side effects, unfortunately.


The way of having a structured medication if I am wise, a carer or one of those who have a multiple-drug regime, which is guaranteed the regular pill pack or Websterpak?

To have an organized treatment is the one and the only requirement for your therapy, you might forget to purchase your repetitive medication to store it and pile it into the regular pack, but with Websterpak you are always organized, pharmacists make sure that your repetitive prescriptions are dispensed in time. Not only this but also, instead of you spending time picking up your medicines; with the professional pharmacies, we deliver it to your doorstep too if you wish! Your structured labeled medication and the right follow-up is all you need.  For some of us who have memory issues and organisation skills, the regular pills dispenser won’t’ assist them.


Availability of Websterpak and Regular Pill Pack Organiser?

You can shop of course the regular portable organizer from anywhere with a handy price but believe me you need the one that requires qualified pharmacists even if you would pay a little bit more!  Having an organized treatment is a one-off necessity for your therapy!  When it comes to health the $ sign won’t’ matter then, give yourself a helping hand to live a quality of life.


So, to wrap it up, the difference between Websterpak and regular organizer boxes is remarkable for those that need dose administration aid. Additionally, professional pharmacists do follow safety requirements and personal hygiene procedures when filling your Websterpak which might not be available at your home or at all nursing homes.  Accuracy and continuity are the highlights of Websterpak and right treatment is the ultimate result that serves individuals, assists carers and helps out nursing home staff.  Mind you; your regular medicine organizer won’t be informative during emergencies as going to a hospital, instead, Websterpak would be self-explanatory for the treatment you take.


Take your decision 😊

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