What is Websterpak?

In many locations, Websterpak sets out your medications for each time of the day, and each day of the week so you know exactly what to take and when to take it. Websterpak is beneficial for all ages, young and wise!

Your pharmacist dispenses your medication into a Websterpak which is sealed to prevent spilling or tablets being mixed up. It is a customised package for each and every patient. Websterpak is limited to pills forms of medication whereby other ones as drops, ampules, sachets …etc. are administered and given to patients by licensed healthcare workers.

Websterpak is the best medication management service, it is a tangible alarming system where medication is prepared for your convenience, you don’t have to rely on your memory, your eyesight, your time management, and your organisation skills.  Professional pharmacies and community friendly pharmacists; simply take care of all of those, we pack your weekly medication carefully in a sealed packing and facilitate a door-to-door service.

Your intake of your medication is safer with Websterpak but let us remind you that this is not substituting your need to see your doctor!  Yes, you will be visiting your doctor regularly and our participation is to ensure that you take the prescribed medication in the right time with the right dosage.

Not only this but your follow up with your doctor is crucial when it comes to new prescriptions or repeatedly ones, otherwise the pharmacist won’t be able to supply what you need!  Yet with the well-trained pharmacy, a reminder could be sent to the patient when medication is about to run out to secure a safe quantity for dosage.

Websterpak is becoming your companion, when you regrettably have to go to a hospital, as it shows your treatment, when needed for any emergency.  Always ensure that you have a labelled Websterpak that represents your reference for any medicine you take.

The pharmacy qualified pharmacist can assist you with any advice you need on the Websterpak supplied by the pharmacy this includes and not limited to; missing a dosage or two from your Websterpak or what is the best possible storage temperature.

Mostly the Websterpak is packed in a weekly package, but what if you are going on holidays for more than a week or even a month, don’t you worry, pharmacy provides a disposable Websterpak for convenience; not only this but also it supports you for your daily trips or outings.

Websterpak is not only useful for individuals but is supplied to nursing homes too, taking away the load of medication management for elderlies. When we say Websterpak, remember it is helpful for your supplements overly, not only medication!

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