How Blood Pressure And Sugar Are Directly Related To Stress And Mental Tension

Stress and mental tension are two terms that are used quite often these days. With the busy running lives today, believe it or not, along with physical health, an individual’s mental health takes a huge hit. The mental pressure of outdoing everyone and going out of the box drives people ...

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Factors That Can Affect Blood Pressure Reading

Checking Blood Pressure- How to Monitor Blood Pressure Variations in blood pressure levels at a regular interval can call for concern. People who already have health issues need to get regular blood pressure testing done to know if there is a significant imbalance that needs to be taken care ...

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Blood Pressure Medicines: Know When To Take Them During The Day

What is high blood pressure: Blood pressure is blood struggling against the walls of your arteries as it moves through your body. It is regular for your blood pressure to go up and down during the day. But, if it is high when you are sleeping, you have high blood pressure. Patients with high ...

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